Tagos ng dugo

Nora Aunor did better than Vilma by scoring her 1st. In the same year she was conferred with honorary doctorate degree honoris causa in humanities by the Lipa City College.

Then we see the pubescent Pina screaming and writhing in pain on her first menstruation, calls out to her mother: She is Pina's crush and hero. It's more than just killing time; it helps show us a more motherly side to Pacita, and an altogether more human side to Alfonso--when he does what he does later in the show, we can't forget having seen that side, and it makes his later anger all the more unsettling.

Who would forget her "abortion scene" as she gyrated and bled almost to death?. Groomed as a lead actress in her teens, her popularity grew further, bolstered by her loveteam with actor Edgar Mortiz and rivalry with contemporary actress Nora Aunor.

To this day her movies continue to attract audiences. She holds the record for having played the iconic superhero four times.

Vilma Santos

Kung may panahon ka ay basahin mo ang Urian Anthology ies of Movie Reviews at matatauhan ka sa mga reviews nila. Vilma becomes hysterical and cries unconsolably even after Arnaiz and the cops come to her rescue.

MassCom jurors concurred with Brocka and gave Vilma that seal of approval by giving her the National Artist award precursor, the prestigious U. Those who knew him said that he had a good heart despite his status as a renowned director. International trophy Cairofollowed her finest performance next to Himala in Bakit May Kahapon Paleading to her 2nd.

What we will always remember are his films.


There are the scenes of Aunor and De Leon in church, of course, but then there's the very quiet, very fine scene of Pacita feeding Alfonso, and Alfonso wishing she and not Elena were his stepmother. As for Aunor--what else to say about her. Kaya't if Vilma "loses" in their May 17th.

The little brown girl from Iriga, Nora Villamayor, was a big Vilma fan. In the "eye-to-eye" dialogue of Nora and Vilma in Ikaw.

On the day of her filing of her candidacy, Richard Recto decided to withdrew his candidacy and run for congress instead. Film directed by Mel Chionglo.

Box-Office Champ Vilma enjoyed continued box-office successes for her drama outings in succeeding years and was crowned Box-Office Queen many times by different organizations.

Gawad Urian, the winningest actress in Urian history. Ang dami mo nang nabasag na baso, hah?. EMBED (for elleandrblog.com hosted blogs and elleandrblog.com item tags).

Later on, he would garner accolades and awards for his meticulously researched and imaginative designs for Mike de Leon's kisapmata () and AKO Batch '81 () as well as for Maryo J. de los Reyes's Tagos ng Dugo () starring Vilma Santos.

Video 48 at AM No comments: Links to this post. Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. Vilma Santos’ “Tagos ng Dugo” (), and Alice Dixon’s “My Other Woman” () to name a few. The cast of Babayaran mo ng dugo - includes: Jestoni Alarcon Robert Arevalo Rita Avila Michael De Mesa Rachel Lobangco John Regala Maita Soriano.

Ross Rival was created on Oct 7, in the Philippines seeing that Rosauro Salvador.

Vilma Santos

He was an professional and production supervisor, known for Inay siya ay akin (), Ika-anim na utos () and Alyas Douglas: Kilabot ng mga Hapones (). He passed away on November 16, in Quezon Town, Philippines. Burlesk King () – IMDb Credits for Burlesk King () by the Internet Movie Database.

Burlesk King – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Burlesk King is the second film in the gay-themed trilogy of Mel Chionglo and Ricky Lee about the lives of macho dancers, men who work as strippers in.

Tagos ng dugo
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